Pastor Patrick

Patrick D. Shaffer
Pastor, City of Faith Christian Church

Innovative. Refreshing. Creative. Compassionate.

Patrick D. Shaffer is fast becoming one of the most profound and insightful voices of his generation. Raised in a Christian home with both parents on Chicago’s far Southside, Pastor Patrick’s understanding of spirituality and intellectualism was nurtured on a daily basis.

Despite being raised under extremely strict Pentecostal and Baptist faith traditions, Pastor Patrick escaped the limitations of those traditions and broadened his spiritual and cultural parameters to reach people of various backgrounds and cultures.

After graduating from the historic Tabernacle Christian High School in 1993, Pastor Patrick relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend Oral Roberts University (ORU), where he studied Theology with a minor in Business Administration.

Pastor Patrick has been involved with community and religious coalitions since he was a child. In 1990, he joined the Soul Children of Chicago under the leadership of Walt Whitman. During this time Pastor Patrick traveled the United States, Germany, London and Africa, broadening his worldview and his faith. While cultivating his love for music, Patrick was also exposed to many different expressions of faith and cultures. This experience greatly impacted Pastor Patrick’s worldview and global understanding of the Church.

In 2005, Pastor Patrick founded the “City of Faith Christian Church of Chicago”, one of the fastest growing churches in Chicago. In 2006, the City of Faith was profiled by Chicago Public Radio for being a “Pentecostal Smart Church”. Described as a “more open, less traditional” faith community with vastly different views on social, cultural and religious issues “The City” offers a fresh perspective on a variety of current topics.

As a testament to the City of Faith’s “out-of-the-box” theological philosophy, the church currently holds its weekly worship services at one of Chicago’s most historic Jewish Synagogues (KAM Isaiah Israel). Their presence there is impacting both congregational families in unique and very progressive ways.

In 2006, Pastor Patrick founded “Urban Advantage” which seeks to provide life coaching and mentoring center to help young people navigate and escape the lures of the streets.

Pastor Patrick is one of the most promising and unique voices of his generation and is blazing a new trail of spiritual and social leadership. He consistently challenges his generation and the generations to come to confront issues of gender, equality, race, human rights, health, disease prevention, teen homelessness and poverty to name a few

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