What Has Been Will Be Again (Part 2)

Between Bush I and Bush II several occurrences could have greatly altered the global economy. One such occurrence involved the phantom executive powers President Albert Gore, the president that never was. His initiatives could have stabilized the American economy while bolstering smaller economies that could have allowed us to invest in the global markets. By creating new environmental regulations that could have produce more jobs for more Americans, we could be at this moment a more ecologically friendly nation and been years into the process of weaning our nation off of the dependence on foreign oil. We do not know how things would have been under his leadership, but I would have liked to see.

The second occurrence to affect our economy was the tragedy of September 11th, the day that changed the world, America in particular, forever. At least another generation may have to pass before we fully recover from its psychological effects, and maybe even more time before we recover from the economic effects of 9/11. The tragedy of 9/11 secured Bush II another term as our president since we Americans do not usually change presidents during wartime. In a right world he never should have been President, and even in a right world gone wrong he should have only been a one term President, as his father was. While I give deference and respect to the office of the President, I will say respectfully that idealistically G. W. Bush is the spokesman for C students everywhere. He is a triumph to mediocrity and with that the, last eight years have been the most stagnant and nonproductive in American history.

So, as we now close one of the most ineffective and futile chapters of our history, we are saddled with some things that must be corrected. The national debt is over 10 trillion dollars, there is a stock market crisis, and there is a credit crisis that is looming as a threat to our way of life. When mass media and the White House begin to use the term “recession”, the truth is that we as African-Americans have been in a recession for some time in communities across the country. Although there maybe have denial of the recession by the White House, there has never been denial in homes across America. Ultimately, what we are now seeing is the correction in our markets that is needed for long-term growth. While it may be painful, this correction is necessary and holds great redemption for our future. As the Church is going through corrections also, we will see some churches closing their doors and some parishioners losing their homes. Some churches will downsize and cut back, which may be reasonable and responsible. Our theology must go back to the basics of what faith really means, where God is, and how we know divinity in our lives as we sober ourselves in the days in which we live now. I believe God, in wisdom, is hitting the reset button on our lives, and hopefully in our hearts. As we look at our world, we can see flashes of these corrections: Paula Abdul has a career again, O.J. is in jail, the Lakers are the best team in the NBA, and we are anticipating a Whitney Houston album again. Things will only get better from here.


~ by pastorpatrickonline on November 11, 2008.

One Response to “What Has Been Will Be Again (Part 2)”

  1. LOL..I love it!!! Things will indeed only get better from here. Exquisite writing!! Stimulating perspective…excellent!

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