The Politics of Us

Britney, Jamie Lynn, Lindsey Lohan, Bristol, Rudy Huxtable. Which girl doesn’t fit in this equation? Rudy Huxtable the is correct answer. She was the fictional character created by Dr. Bill Cosby for his award-winning sitcom of the 1980’s. The truth is that Rudy is the exception, and has always been the exception. There are more Bristols living in homes than Rudys. The Palin candidacy for Vice President has brought to the forefront a myriad of issues for all Americans to consider: gender, equality, and now parenting and responsible discourse on teen sex. It may be ironic that the conservatives are grappling with theses issues, given that for years they have ignored the statistics that bear much truth: data has debunked the abstinence-only approach as wishful thinking. Texas, for example, which strongly endorses abstinence-only sexual education, and demands parental consent before teenagers can get contraception, leads the nation in its rate of teen pregnancies. Between 1991 to 2004, the teen pregnancy rate in Texas decreased by only 19 percent, while in the rest of country it dropped by over 30 percent. Meanwhile in California, where comprehensive sex-education is mandatory in public schools, the teen pregnancy rate dropped by 47 percent. We have a choice to make: comprehensive sex education or favor abstinence-only sex education?

We must also never forget that people–human people–make up our republic. Periodically, they run for high government offices, and while running, concurrently have very real and personal issues in their homes. It is not an indictment against their commitment to serve or a reflection on their capabilities to parent. It is a very real signal to all of us that the people on TV are nothing more than just people, and they should not be required to be anything more.


~ by pastorpatrickonline on September 2, 2008.

One Response to “The Politics of Us”

  1. Thank you Patrick. Your voice needs to be heard on a wider audiance. Loveya Man!

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